The Driving Range Game TM


Our instructions and scoring system have the golfer 

 "Play a round of golf." at the practice facility

Here's how it works.

1.  Buy a bucket of balls at the range. Determine which course you would like to "Play".  

(We provide one if you do not have one in mind.)


2.  Fill in the specially designed scorecard as you hit the shots you need to play each hole.  It is like keeping a diary of all of your long shots for each hole.

3.  Once you have completed all of these shots, move to the practice green.  

4.  With one ball, complete what is necessary to finish each hole by "playing the short game shots".  

You will know what shots are necessary for each hole because of the "diary" of the results that you kept at the driving range. 

  Using one ball helps to create a "real golf" experience.You will finish by chipping, putting, and marking your shots down on the scorecard.


 5.  You can now total your score for the round.

That's it! 

Golf doesn't have to take 4 to 5 hours anymore!

 Enjoy a full round of golf for just pennies!


Get It There


Great golf gift for less than a buck!  Practice target attaches to the back of a practice putting cup presenting a perfect target.  Reusable golf trainer teaches golfers to get their putts to the hole.

Insert your business card and give these targets to your customers.

Every time they use your golf gift, they will see your card.

It's a great gift that teaches you to putt the ball with the right speed.



What people are saying about

 The Driving Range Game TM 

“I actually feel like I played the course.” –12 handicap


“My pro recommended The Driving Range Game™ to me to be  mentally invested in the way I play each shot.

 No more careless shots for me!

 It allows me to play when I have only about an hour. 

 I go to the range 2-3 times a week now.” – 8 handicap


“I feel like this is better practice. It helps me when I get the chance to play a real round. I know I’m getting better!”  – 23 handicap


“I got The Driving Range Game™ as a gift. I love it.”  – 15 handicap


“When I don’t have much time to prepare for a tournament, I use The Driving Range Game™ to rehearse playing the course I will be playing. The mental side of my game is improving as I practice visualizing each shot.

 I used to get bored with practice...The Driving Range Game keeps me interested.”  – scratch tournament handicap

Most people just "hit balls" 

at the range.

 Better players practice 

 "how they play the game".

The Short Game Solution Book


How quickly do you want to 

lower your scores?

The lessons and training aids

 in this book will give you the knowledge you need  to do that immediately!

It is a visual approach to putting and chipping.

Your eyes and natural athletic abilities hold the key to rapid and lasting improvement to your short game.

Improvement in your short game means LOWER SCORES.

The Short Game Solution Putting Sheet


Included FREE with the book

the Short Game Soution Chipping Sheet


Included FREE with the book

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